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Will Samsung be supporting the Android-N Attestation APIs?

Will Samsung be supporting this?  Will the TIMA keystore be available through these same APIs, and still have the attestation key signed by the Samsung chain of trust?

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Knox Universal Credential Manager (UCM) SDK questions

Since there is no forum category for Knox Universal Credential Manager SDK and this was part of Knox ISV SDK before, I am posting the question here.

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Reg Data Protection and Safety.

Hi, After reading the manual, now I could call  sdpFileSystem.setSensitive(file);. However I couldn't verify how safety is my data.

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The License Key Activation is not working

Hi, I generated the license key. I am not able to activate using an S6 Edge and Android M device. I am from Samsung Research India Bangalore. 

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Attestation key


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How to get the proper Credential Storage for ODE settings ?

Greetings,   I have successfully configured UCM Configurator. Now I would like to configure ODE Encryption. The scenario is :

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Is it possible to start an Activity above UCM Lockscreen ?

Greetings,                 I am able to create my proper Lockscreen type with an App (sort of a Plugin) by using UCM.  

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Does KNOX version number correspond with compatible SDK number?

I.E., If I have Knox 2.4 on my Galaxy Note 4, can I run programs using ISV SDP api 2.6?  It seems like most methods & objects in the API began implementation in SDK version 2.6.

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Creating a new SdpFileSystem in Sample code, RuntimeException gets thrown

Hi.  I'm debugging the ISV SDP sample app. When I try to create a file with the "Make Text File" button, a RuntimeException gets thrown.

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Authorization in SDP

Hello out there!  Not a lot of activity in this board, so I can't tell how closely it's monitored.  But...

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The license activation is not working.

Hi SEAP and all. With the SDP sample, I couldn't activate the ISV license with my own key from SEAP. Please let me know why.   Thanks.  

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