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Knox Manage Blank Page Issue

We have a Samsung Tab configured with KNOX Manage , and whenever we push a new APK and restart the device  and do not unlock the device right away(wait for 1 min to unlock) , then The App never sta

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Black screen while start application after lock and unlock Knox container


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Differences between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace ?

Hello, It is not very clear to me what the differences are between Knox Premium and Knox Workspace.

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Remove container question

What happens with the information from the container when I ( the developer ) call KnoxContainerManager.removeContainer(...)? Is it forever lost without any possibility to recover it?

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Knox ELM Activation Failed. ELM: Caller Package Signature Mismatch : Error code 206


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Latest Android update breaks Kiosk mode functionality


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rules with setNetworkInterface = MOBILE_DATA_ONLY not working

Hi When I use DENY firewall rule for all aps (in loop) with

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setCellularData disable mobile data

By calling setCellularData I want to block user to enable/disable mobile data. Problem is that after call it, phone disable mobile data (and lock which is correct) instead only lock.

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Adobe Flash needed on webapp

Hi.. I have bookmark webapp that I am deploying to an android tablet. It evidently requires Adobe Flash and allI get from the launcher is that the content requires adobe flash.  

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Migration from Knox Premium SDK to KNOX SDK


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Get information license

Hi, There is an API for : - Get license active or not ? - Get type license actived? - Get end date license ?   Best regards, Yannick

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ProKiosk Error permission

Hi, I try to test ProKiosk, but not working: I use then sample provide on web site and my licence KPE Developement : KLM06-CN.....

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VPN Generic Profile (JSON format)

Hi there, I've been trying to upload a generic VPN config to Knox Manage but I always get the messa (Invalid JASON Format)

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The problem arises here : getSystemService(EnterpriseDeviceManager.ENTERPRISE_POLICY_SERVICE);

Hi.   Yesterday's answer: Https://  

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Account whitelist not working properly

I am having an issue when adding accounts to the account addition list. I specify the account type of "" with a corresponding email account.

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Hello, I develop an application type MDM, I would like to know if it is possible to create a web shortcut on the home screen of my application kiosk. thank you for your reply

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Cisco vpn json parameters

Hi there, I am looking for the document that was located at

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Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles using Cisco vpn clients

I am trying to create a VPN profile. Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles to support Cisco vpn clients?

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Hello there is an api to remove all the shortcuts from the home screen kiosk ? cordially

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How to connect System VPN

Hi, I see this was asked 2 years ago but I need clarification on something. 

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