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How to Check if a Device Supports Knox?

Hi, As I understand from the links below Samsung M20 is not supported by Knox Standard SDK.

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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.

Hi there,

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SDP with KNOX work profile?

Back in 2016, Samsung announced that Android for Work Profiles beginning with Knox 2.6 would benefit from SDP in the email app and chamber inside the work profile container (

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Disable Lock Screen: Is it possible?

Hello, Is there a way, using an SDK, to remove the lock screen?

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Question: how to get started with Knox SDK to perform operations on apps?

I've found some apps that use Knox SDK to perform operations on apps:

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How to get the ELM key and "knox.jar" file?

I've found some apps that use Knox SDK to perform operations on apps:

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Samsung TAB-A location service problem


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Disable Keyguard/lockscreen

Hello, I'm on Knox for Android 5.1, is there any Knox API to set the Lockscreen/Keyguard to "None" so there is no need to swipe or enter a pin to use the device? Thanks.

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Anroid standard api, How to add an app that is not in sleep mode(power save mode)?

Anroid standard api,  How to add an app that is not in sleep mode(power save mode)? execept my app : power saving mode i? what is API? thanks you

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Remove Google account programmatically

Hi! Is it possible with the Knox Standard SDK or Knox Customization SDK to remove a Google Account programmatically on a device? Regards Akshay

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Reboot Device

I am trying to enable my application to auto reboot the device. I am using the Knox standard sdk with the following code:

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API "installApplication (String apkFilePath, boolean installOnSDCard)" will not work in Android

I'm testing silent app install..on Samsung J3 private ApplicationPolicy appPolicy

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disable Hard reset , download mode

Dear. i disabled hardware key : volume up, down soft key, power button  when i press both button : 

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Wifi automatically switches off after ~10 minutes. How to keep it on?

Hello, I am using a Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T810 with Android 7, Build Number NRD90M.T810XXU2DQI6).

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Active knox license failed after my application deploy to Google Play Store

I don't know why , when i download my application from google play store during knox active license i've got failed message , but apk file work well before upload to google play store (installed te

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Permit drawing over other apps

Hello everybody,

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Disable soft reset in samsung devices

Hello, I need to prevent the user from soft-resetting the device (with the hardware button combination) and I cannot find any reference to that, everything I find is preventing factory reset from b

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Starting with in java

I need help in using Remote desktop to take a screen shot I am trying to impliment the in the eclipce

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RemoteDesktop listener is not working properly

Hi Team,        we are working on RemoteDesktop Module. In that i am getting one issue while capturing images.   Details are as follows :-

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Screen swipe


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