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How to compile Samsung Education SDK with gradle:3.2.1

Dear colleguest, We try compile Samsung Education SDK v with last compile tools:

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Non Master automatically left session

Hello, We have problem participant (non master) suddenly left session when idle approximately 10 minute.

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How to clear Recent Used App From Recent App drawer In device?

Clear Recent Task

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Samsung Education SDK supports what OS version and devices

Base on Samsung Education SDK version, which OS version and tablets and/or phone support?

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How to detect the headset.

Our company mobile card reader for payment. It communicate thru ear-microphone. the galaxy phone detect our mobile card reader as like the headset( ear and microphone).

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Hand writing recognition language via API available?

Hello, I localized the great Cordova example app a bit and posted the capture at my company blog.

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how to set this "EDUSDK_PATH" in our project which we add in build.gradle files repositories

Hi Team,

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Edu SDK error popup

Hi All, I am just trying to build apps with the new SDK its working fine on the nougat devices.

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SamsungEducation.initialize Error on Nougat Devices

I found this error while executing samsungEducation.initialize() Log : 

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Can I share screen with audio of a video? e.g. If teacher wants to show a video from his device to all other students. Is it possible to share voice of a video from teacher's device?

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Content missing (API Reference) on Site

From the below link I am following the steps,

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EDU Samsung_EDU_SDK_1.6_0 init error

  when i init education,it crash.     SamsungEducation samsungEducation  = new SamsungEducation();     samsungEducation.initialize(mContext.getApplicationContext());

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Which agents are supported by the Education SDK?

Do these agents have dedicated roles?

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GaLaxy tab A(SM-p355C) can,t ScreenShare ,when it share screen,this is screen is White screen.

When the teacher sharescreen ,the student screen display while screen on TAB A. but it,s on Galaxy Note 10.1( SM-p601) is ok. the teacher code as follow:

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EDU SDK ScreenShotAgent getScreenBitmap() Error

Model:SM-T580 Android version 6.0.1 EDU sdk 1.5 when call   bitmap= mScreenShotAgent.getScreenBitmap(); app is crash. Log as follow:

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Sample code/instructions for screen share with AllShare device?

Samsung Education SDK documentation says AllShare cast is supported.  I can see how the teacher and student "apps" must be coded to get screen sharing to work.  But I cannot find any code that show

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Is AllShare cast supported by the Samsung Education SDK?

I want users to be able to display app content on a TV screen.

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Do I need to register my EDU SDK app with Samsung before deploying it to end users?

Where can I find more information?

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Where can I find a list of Samsung Education SDK device policies?

How are they classified?

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Does the Samsung Education SDK support devices of any display size and pixel density?

Or do I need devices with a certain display size?

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