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packageManager.hasSystemFeature("") returns true on non-Knox device

Some non-Knox devices require Knox activation on Android Enterprise, Device Owner mode.

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Galaxy Tab A USB OTG Disconnection issue

We are using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet USB port in OTG mode (to charge and also to connect to an external reader. This is accomplished with a certain resistor calue on the ID pin.

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KNOX SDK does not broadcast "" for Dual Messenger apps.

Hi, KNOX SDK development team:

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How to set MVNO values in ApnSettings on devices running Android 9 with KNOX API level 28?

I tried to follow the Java sample code on

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XCover 4 Android 9. Xcover-button to trigger action

Hi The XCover button on XCover 4 seem to be improved since the Android 9 update. Now it is possible to launch an app using the XCover button button from the lock screen.

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Complicity error after adding Knox 3.4 support

The mew SDK doesn't have version 3_4

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removeLockScreen() on Android 9 devices


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Knox and NFC Device Owner Provisioning

Firstly, apologies if this is an inappropriate place for this question but I am struggling to find any relevant resources anywhere else.

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Shutdown android device

Hello, I use the latest Android SDK version and i want to shutdown the device on an event (clic on a button for example). Then i use this method to power off the device : 

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SEAP Partner Application Pending


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Hello we are develop MDM solution and start to using KME. So i have a question about Json setup. Where this json file will be contains on device and how can we programmatically access to it?

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Api to power off device not working in oreo device

Hi team, The api to power-off device is not working in oreo device.   Sample Code  : 

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The various allowXXX functions are returning false

The device is DeviceAdministrator and the license is activated but things like: `.allowAirplaneMode(false)`

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API to capture ROM information

Information about ROM version can be obtained, manually, via the telephone keypad, in Samsung Galaxy devices. You enter *#1234# on the keypad, and version info will be displayed, like that:

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Escrow token is disabled on the current user

Got exception when calling DevicePolicyManager.setResetPasswordToken in Knox MDM app on Samsung 585 Android 8.1.0

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Hello Everyone, Need some information from your side about the "COMMERCIAL KEY". Thing is that I have already raised the request for it before 1 or 1.5 months ago.

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Add Dynamic/programmatically Permissions

Can add following pernission from java code/programmatically in project.

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settingsManager.setSystemLocale() resets proKioskManager.setStatusBarIconsState() to true or visible

We have a question on the behavior of Knox running on Samsung J3 V 2018 using Knox 3.1 SDK.   After calling 

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About allowShareList() API

Hello. When I use "allowShareList(false)", that shows other results. On Galaxy Note4 which OS 6.0.1 can not attatch to email, but on Galaxy S10 which OS 9.0 can attatch to email.

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