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Hello Guys,

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Android Legacy Generic VPN


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configuration of Active Directory and Identity Provider before deploying the SSO solution.

Hi Team,

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Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat

How will Knox and other MDM's deal with the Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat?

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Kiosk passcode

Hi I wanted to change my passcode for exiting kiosk mode.  When I go to do that it greyed out and I can change it.  How do I change it or what are the requirements to change it?

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how to configure my wifi access point


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How do I set up a container wide VPN in KNOX?

We've had success setting up a per-app VPN in a KNOX container by having the vpn_route_type set to 1 (per app) and then calling the APIs createVpnProfile() -> addPackagesToVpn() -> setAutoRet

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Using the enterprise id for container authentication

Hi there,

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Global PAC File

I was wondering if the VPN SDK could be used to apply a Proxy Auto-Config file to all of a devices connections.  Both Cellular and Wifi.   Thanks, Simon

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Galaxy S7 and Split Tunneling (Cisco AnyConnect VPN)


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SSO for an On-premise Web App Question

We try to get the "SSO for an On-premise Web App" running. We installed the Sample App (with changed domain names) with BES12 inside a Knox Container and also the Samsung SSO APK.

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SSO SDK Sample Application

Hi,  I'm trying to get the SSO SAML (SaaS) sample app to work, can you help?.  When I click the "Load Webpage" button, the operation fails with "SAML Request error". Logcat shows:

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VPN) When use Split Tunneling Internet does not working

Hello,   i try to use OpenVPN Connect for Android with split tunneling one hand to access internet, other hand to access my server.

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Developing Third Party VPN client based on KNOX VPN network framework

I wanted to build VPN application using KNOX VPN network framework . Have following question related to VPN profile and APIs

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Look API


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