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Install Knox SDK using Visual Studio for Xamarin Wearable Project

I need to create a xamarin wearable app. For this, I have added Tizen SDK but for the next step, I need to add Knox SDK in my Visual Studio project structure.

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"Always on" support on Tizen wearables?


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Possible to Identify Galaxy Watch Color?


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KNOX API fails for Gear S3


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URGENT ISSUES configuring Galaxy Watch with Knox Configure

1. There is a either a severe bug with Knox Configure trying to deploy applications to Galaxy Watch or the documentation is terrible, one or the other. 

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Configure Galaxy watch

Hi,  I am trying to configure a samaung galay watch and install an app on the watch using the knox configure. i cant find any documentation how to do that.

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Error installing Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3

Hello, When I attempt to install Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3 in Package Manager, I get the following error: "The extension image file is not valid or deleted."

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Tab E 9.6

Hello  i want generate kiosk on galaxy tab E 9.6, can you help me please?

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삼성 스포츠 기어 S3 tizen 개발에서 NFC 에러....error message : nfc_se_get_card_emulation_mode failed:0

저는 NFC가 리드 되었을 경우 ID가 변경되지 않도록 하기 위해서 삼성 관련 담당자에게 문의한바 있습니다.  관련 담당자 의견에 의해 확인된 사실로는 해당 제품에서는 (NFC P2P/Reader 미지원)으로 확인 되었습니다. 

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Gear Sport NFC 사용법에 대한 문의를 드립니다.

Gear Sport NFC 사용법에 대한 문의를 드립니다.  기어 스포츠를 활용한 타이젠 네이티브 개발에서  ///////////////////////////////////// 문제점 /////////////////////////////////////////////////

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OK to get MDM service at startup and release at termination?


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How does Knox Work on Wearables?

Asking for a friend.

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setForceAutoStartUpState() for wearables

Hi,  Does anyone have an idea about whether the setForceAutoStartUpState() function will be available in a future release of knox sdk for wearables? Thanks

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Auto launching a native service on Gear S3

Hi all,

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Restarting the watch after disabling the prokiosk mode


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Can deploy an app for all wearable device ?

Hello all,   I'm a new member of tizen. I have a problem.

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WearableCustom_Sample fails with KNOX_RESULT_ACCESS_DENIED

I compiled and ran the sample app per the instructions. The activation of MDM and custom, and the LKM/ELM license activation all succeed.

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Can't enable ProKiosk mode on Gear S3

I'm trying to get started with the Knox Customization SDK to enable ProKiosk mode. I have added all the privileges that seem relevant to the manifest:

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Is this product still alive?

I see developers' questions on this forum, and no responses from Samsung developer support.

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Knox Deploy

Could mind you build me Wearable sdk for install apk on gear s3 with api?? Or just help me easyist way to deploy Samsung Gear S3?? Please.....

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