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SecurityException: Admin does not have MDM_HW_CONTROL or KNOX_HW_CONTROL

I'm trying to run the Knox SDK Sample App #1: (

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kill other app (google maps)

In my solution, i am sending a message from server to open google maps and navigate to the destination. When done with google maps, i would like to send a command to close it.

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Disable quick launch function with knox SDK


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Problem with Mobile data

Hello guys, we want to always keep on "mobile data" to be in position "ON" in my case :  if 

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Activate license in internal customer network

Dear collegues, 

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setCellularData disable mobile data

By calling setCellularData I want to block user to enable/disable mobile data. Problem is that after call it, phone disable mobile data (and lock which is correct) instead only lock.

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Need to block mobile data in container (workspace)

We need the ability to detect if a user is in the workspace and force mobile data off.

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Android 9 setMobileDataRoamingState not working

On Android 9, using the Knox API, the method setMobileDataRoamingState is not working.

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Android webview in our app crashes after applying disable browser option in knox SDK standard


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Support lib will cause Unexpected error when proguard optimization is enabled

After enabling progard optimization, the builds fails with   Unexpected error while performing partial evaluation:

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View and associate ELM key with application

Hello this is Doug Marks from SAP, we're an a SEAP partner with Samsung. Is it still possible to log into the SEAP portal to view and associate out ELM key ?

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Error when using library

Hi, I'm getting the following error when trying to use "" library:

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addHomeShortcut sending SecurityException in KioskMode


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PendingSystemUpdate Android 8 Problem


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What best practices for a business to share an app with employees? How about App Updates?

We have an app using Knox SDK that employees of a company use for enhanced productivity. We want to make sure its easy for the employees to get the app.

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Issue with XCover4 android rel 8.1.0

Our application is implemented on top of the Samsung Xcover 4 where android 8.1.0 with Knox 3.2 runs. A PIN code is also set on this.

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Any way to deactivate license in existing app which doesn't use deActivateLicense

Hi, We have a kiosk type product onto which we install our Android application. The app activates 2 Knox licenses.

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VpnAdminProfile.L2TPSecretEnable substitute

Hello, Samsung SEAP Team, 

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I want to add apps programmatically to UNMONITORED APPS.

"kakao talks" "LINE" "Messenger" "WeChat" application will be added as UNMONITORED APPS at the same time as installation.

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Problem with screen capture on android 5.x device

Hi, I have some problem to implement the screen capture function. Knox SDK version : 3.3 tested device os version : android 5.0.1, 5.0.2

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