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How to allow WiFi setting changes in ProKiosk mode?

I'm struggeling with my profile in Knox custom configurator: I want to allow changing WiFi settings of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T813 while staying in ProKiosk mode.

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I want to output the app logo I want, not the app logo designated by the app developer.

HI I want to make the installed app logo look customization. I want to output the app logo I want, not the app logo designated by the app developer.

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Tethering (mobile hotspot) Data Usage

Hi , Is there any way that i can get the DataUsage for Tethering (mobile hotspot). I can see that Apis are available only for applications using ApplicationPolicy.  

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Presidential Alerts

Hi   I need to disable all sounds and viberating. Is there a way to disable alerts from beeping and viberating even presidential alerts?

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Which method works in Android 7 for copy AdbLog?

Could you please point out in Knox 2.7 Android 7 environment, - which method works  for reading and copying Adb logcat into a file? In one of the old answers, it's Custominzation

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ActivityManager kills our Pro Kiosk Mode app for chrome update?

Hello,   We're developing an application that should run as a status monitor on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (Android 7).

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Admin does not have

I get an error that I am missing permissions. I am using Customization SDK, knox v 2.8, and I am activating KLM and then ELM before I try to shutdown the tablet.

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Problem setting static IP for Ethernet

I am using the Knox Customization SDK to try to set a static IP for a Samsung Tab E 9.6" tablet connected via USB to a Lavalink eSTS-PE Ethernet interface.

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Knox Customization SDK for Android throws security exception(Legacy)


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USBNet is not working on Android 7 (Urgent)

Following is my code SystemManager kcsm = SystemManager.getInstance(); SettingsManager settingm = SettingsManager.getInstance(); settingm.setAdbState(false);

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License Key "invalid"

When atempting to go through the activation process, it gets about half way through then shows the license as invalid.

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Knox Animation File Generator Error


4 0 6 months 1 week
Error when using Sample ProKiosk Mode

I'm trying to use the KNOX Customization SDK with Sample app ProKiosk Mode.

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I am configuring Wifi access point with Knox CSDK, it works perfectly on Verizon tablet, but fails on ATT tablet.

edm.getWifiPolicy().setWifiApSetting(currentConfig.SSID, WifiPolicy.SECURITY_TYPE_WPA_PSK, currentConfig.preSharedKey);  

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Knox Custom ELM Activation fails

Using the device Samsung SM-T705C, ELM is always unsuccessful in activation, but KLM can be activated successfully.

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No active admin owned by uid 10222

Hello, I have an activated licence key. I tried to use method

5 2 8 months 2 days

I am trying to set  setForceAutoStartUpState(1) its working on some devices , but on Tab E its not working. Tab E has Knox Customization 2.6

3 0 8 months 5 days
setSettingsHiddenState not working


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Recent button in ProKioskMode

Hello I have problem to enable recent button in ProKioskMode. I have set:

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Android device name

Hi, Is there any api from knox to set the device name (settings->about->device name).  Regards, ranjith

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