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Web Site Problem

Point in fact the web site is generating an error creating a new user. That said when I try to request help for this problem, the web site complains that the requester field (e.g. me) is blank.

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Any forum category for KNOX Universal Credential Management SDK (UCM)?

There is no section for KNOX UCM SDK.

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Production key

I am a freelancer developer (Also use Knox sdk), to get production key do you need a company ? and company email id ? can i join as partner with gmail address

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Bluetooth Bug / Performance

Hello Samsung

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Write Permission on SD-Card in Android 5 or more


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Need more help on our query related to FM Radio APIs - Please reply..


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Step or process to add my application in unmoniter list.


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note 8 n950f

how to remove enroll from my note 8 n950f 

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How to remove expired development license keys in SEAP portal?


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How to locate Knox Re-seller ID ... as a Re-seller?

Dear Sir/Madam,  

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My Topic was (accidently ?!) removed.

Hello, few days ago i started a new  topic about a problem activation ELM in a sample app. I also got an answer from a samsung rep.

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how to enable prokiosk mode

i don't have any idea for that

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Install new firmware on device

How would I install my own firmware on my devices? Would I use odin? And where would I get it from?

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Samsung Z2 Tizen

how do i install apps on my samsung Z2  Tizen, when i try to install an app it says "install blocked, for security, your phone is set to block apps from an unknown source"

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Why so many SDKs

Samsung got so many SDKs (Knox Standard SDK, Knox Premium SDK, Knox Customization SDK, Knox SSO SDK ... ) too confussing, and functionalities are verymuch overlaped.

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No official reply in Knox Customization SDK for Android

The "Knox Customization SDK for Android" no official replay to postes, could you check ?, if some forums are not active then I don't want to waist taime by posting there

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App Network Traffic Usage using NetworkStats

Hi,  To get  the App Network Traffic  I'm using NetworkStats as below,

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안드로이드 기기의 USB 테더링

현재 안드로이드 기기의 USB 테더링을 이용한 솔루션을 개발중인데, WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS 시스템 퍼미션 적용이 필요합니다. 따라서, System app 권한 획득을 위해 플랫폼 키로 signing을 해야 하는것으로 아는데, 갤럭시 탭의 플랫폼 키를 지원받을수 있습니까?

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Drawing for Samsung A3 2017

we need a drawing for Samsung A3 2017 with dimensions. Who can help?

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Note 7 Battery Management Utils

I've noticed in the Samsung Battery management tools built into the Note 7 software that my Android application (Target shopping app) shows high battery usage.

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