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Is there souce code available that shows an example on how the DefaultAppConfiguration class is used?  I followed the link below and it refers to source code but I cannot find the the code.

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Enabling and Pairing Bluetooth while in ProKiosk mode

I can use some help trying to get Bluetooth pairing to work while in ProKiosk mode.

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Through the Knox SDK is there any way to be granted the permission  WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS ?

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access network error 502 -while updating knox sdk (License activation)

Hi Team,

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Errorcode 502 while activating BackwardCompatible key using knox sdk

Hi Team,          I am updating our application to use Knox SDK 3.2.1 .          I have Created 1.KPE License key

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Lock Device migration

I just migrated my sdk to 3.0 and there is no api to lockdevice. Previously there was an api - 

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Vpn Questions

We have a set up where we need cisco anyconnect vpn connections set up on both the device and container side in order to connect to the network.

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What is the API for enabling high accuracy mode?

I would like to know the API used to enable high accuracy mode and minimum OS version/bundle required to hook into this API. The device versioning infomration is as follows:

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Apps Consuming Battery Notification

Is there a way to turn off Apps Consuming Battery Notification programatically? Thank you for your time!

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Knox Development vs Commercial Licenses - Any security difference?


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App Stuck at Splash Screen


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Question About Clipboard

I would like to ask about Clipboard function. I am test KnoxSDK. When we activate "allowClipboardShare" it works fine with our app.

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Knox Backwards-Compatibility Sample App build fails with minifyEnabled true

Build fails in Android 3.1 with Gradle 4.4 if using  minifyEnabled true There are thousands warnings like this and the build fails

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Knox 3.0 Container - Is SDP automatically enabled, and is there a password reset ?

Knox 2.0 used to have an API that let you create a container, and assign a params structure to it with a password reset token.

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How can I keep my app alive in backouground all the time

any api of knox can help me?

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Bluetooth connection/pairing error

Getting following error while bluetooth connection (After migration from Knox Premium SDK to Knox SDK) "Unable to pair with Device-XXXXX" Incorrect PIN or password"

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Set Non Trusted App Install Block enable using Knox SDK

We using following code reference from Knox SDK API reference seap - EnterpriseDeviceManager edm = EnterpriseDeviceManager.getInstance(context);

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How to change GPS to high accuracy via Knox Standard APIs ?

To set the GPS to high accuracy, we call the Knox Standard API as below but the positioning accuracy is set only by GPS. Please check the API for errors.

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Firewall deny rule not working on newer versions of Google Chrome

In my company's MDM product we have a functionality to restrict URLs that Google Chrome can access. We use the Firewall class from the KNOX SDK to implement this functionality. Our implement

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Error: Creating KPE key fails

When creating a KNOX PLATFORM FOR ENTERPRISE (KPE) KEY, it will always fail with a message saying 'Error in generating license key.'.

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