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Suppressing Device Firmware upate using Knox EnterpriseDeviceManager

I have an application which runs on an Android phone.

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Is that Samsung Knox SDK only for B2B?


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how to silent install other app using knox sdk

hi there, i trying to find a way how to install some apps on device with knox sdk.(like facebook, skype, whatsapp etc).  i found a example code :  

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Creating (Legacy) Knox Standard SDKs

Is it possible to make a Knox Standard Legacy SDK even though it is being cancelled soon?  If yes how do you generate the key?

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Can we suppress the OTA update available notification?


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LTE Band Selection

I see in the SDK where the preferred network can bet set with the .setMobileNetworkType(...) method, but is there a way to then set a particular band or set of bands for the device.  For example, I

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Whitelist the app for BatteryOptimization in smart manager application.

Hi there,

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Issues faced with Data Usage APIs

We want to implemnet a feature to show the apps data usage for which we have used following code:

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Should RestrictionPolicy. allowFactoryReset(false) disable reset using another device admin applications?

Hi, We have set 

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Kiosk Activity allows another Activity on top.

I'm using Kiosk mode as a way to hopefully pin an activity to the top of the activity stack in such a way that no other activity can be displayed on top of my Activity.

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Kiosk Mode while using shared user id.

I've been successful in receiving the ACTION_ENABLE

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recommended proguard rules

What are the recommended Proguard rules (if any) to use with Knox SDKs?

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Development Legacy Knox Key - 102 Unknown Error

Hello. I have a similar problem to this

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Is there any way to deactive MDM from adb?

I was testing setDisableApplication API, and I just disable some system apk by mistake. And now my P350 can not boot. It stoped at the logo. I have disable factory reset function.

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How to get Total cpu usages and RAM memory usages of android device

Hi Team,         Can any one tell me how to get Total cpu usages and RAM memory usages.

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How to update self application

Hello guys. one year ago this method was work. Now its somehow but not work  

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Ringtones for samsung

You should go here to find a solution to set up your ringtone here.

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Knox License Activation on Note 10.1 (GT-N8010 - Android


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Disable Lock Screen: Is it possible?

Hello, Is there a way, using an SDK, to remove the lock screen?

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How Knox version mapping Android API level?

EX:  Android API Level 22 mapping Knox 2.4? or other?

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