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Device with Doze Mode not receiving FCM

Hi , We are working in a process which uses FCM , but the devices entered into Doze Mode didnt receives and process FCM. Already tried 

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User (Restricted profile)

I am trying to figure out how to prevent the user from appling a lock screen on the device.  I have disabled the Lock screen and Security settings, and I have disabled Multiuser support.  However,

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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients

Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.

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We migrate our app from Premium Knox SDK to Knox SDK facing following problems -

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Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy

Start bluetooth using RestrictionPolicy -

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Any way to disable "Workspace Settings" inside Knox?

When knox-b2b container is created, user is able to access Workspace settings. Any way to disable it? Or at least make all settings read only?

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Block incoming calls

Good morning, We are trying to block all incoming calls on the device without success. We are using the method:

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How to create profile with GenericVpnPolicy no error Json

Dear friends, I have two questions:

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NFC stops scanning on Samsung devices

I'm developping an app for Samsung devices with an activity that has to handle a NFC tag.. This activity is called when the app is launched and on resume.

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My application seems to be blacklisted

We are using a SM-T280 tablet as a control device for equipment we manufacture.  We utilize Knox to help lock down the device so the end user only sees our application.  It is necessary for us to b

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How can I check which Samsung SDK is supported in particular devices?

I want to support all version of Android let's say android 4.1 to Latest, How can I check which Samsung SDK is supported in particular devices.

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Galaxy J4 configuring and enabling hotspot has cipher suite set to TKIP

When we configure and enable hotspot on Galaxy J4 (Android 8.0) using Knox SDK in our app, hotspot has cipher suite set to TKIP.  If we manually open the hotspot settings config and save it without

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Samsung mail URI scheme

Is there an URI scheme to call the Samsung mail app?

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Activate KLM License through Samsung Configure?

Is there a way for when we deploy our app through Samsung Knox Configure to also activate a KLM license at the same time?

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Block the possibility to connect to Bluetooth modem

Hi, I want to restrict the possibility to connect to internet using another device as bluetooth modem. How can I do that? And what happens if the user switch to a new user(on a tablet)?

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AppIdentity class is only supported from API level 17 and above (current is 14) using new SDK

Hi, I'm facing a problem trying to migrate KNOX SDK with supportlib. Currently, I'm activating these permissions in my app:

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Samsung A5 Audio Issues after Android 8 Update


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DateTimePolicy.setNtpInfo has no effect whatsoever

I am building an internal Android application that is intended to run on a secured internal network with no access to the internet.

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setBluetoothState not working always return -1

CustomDeviceManager cdm = CustomDeviceManager.getInstance();      SettingsManager kcsm = cdm.getSettingsManager();      kcsm.setBluetoothState(false); Device sm- t580

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Can we get HotSpot and Tethering data using knox API?

We want to implemnet a feature to show the apps data usage for which we have used following code:

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