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(URGENT) Upgrade to Partner

Hi, We currently finish development and require the standard Knox SDK. I have requested for an upgrade to Partner status 2 weeks ago.  But i have not yet received a reply.

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Problem with MDM_WIFI permission on SM-T113

Hello, after activating(I think that the activation went sucessfully) on a tablet SM-T113 (android 4.4.4) keep geting the missing MDM_WIFI permission.

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Production key for Samsung Knox

Dear collegues,  I have intergasion Samsung Knox SDK to my application. My application works on SM-T595 (Android 8.1.0), Knox SDK 3.2.

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License on Samsung Galaxy s5 device not getting activated

Hi, I am trying to activate license on Samsung Galaxy  S5 device but it is getting stuck and in logs I am getting 

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Knox Manage

We are just getting started with Knox Manage and I am looking for help on interpreting alerts in the service overview area.  First, if this is not the correct forum please direct me to one that is

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Prevent my app from crashing

Hi, I noted that each time the user wants to activate Knox licence and the device has no internet connection my app crashes. How can I prvent this and show an error message instead?

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License Association

Can you associate more than one package name to a KPE Standard License Key?   Thanks, Bill

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Remote Management of Galaxy Watch - where to start?

Startup developing an internal-only Galaxy Watch web app.  I just want a simple way to remotely update the one private app to our growing collection of watches (3 now, aiming for 10 soon, 100s late

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A(SM-T285), android 5.1.1 support samsung knox?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, android 5.1.1 support samsung knox? My existing application working fine on Galaxy Tab 3V(SM-T116NY), But unable to activate samsung knox on Galaxy Tab A.

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Can't activate Knox licence when minifyEnabled is true

Hi, I can activate the licence successfully when my apps runs in debug mode, but when I generate a signed APK with minifyEnabled true in order to ofuscate the source code the licence can't be activ

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Activating License has failed (ERROR_INTERNAL=301)

Hello. I've stucked at license activation process using Knox Standard SDK.

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Failed to validate the product key. (Error Unknown)

Hello. I've stuck in my license activating. 1. Standard key (Commercial) has generated key in SEAP. 2. And KnoxLicense codes added in my application.

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linux on samsung galaxy note 9

How far away is the sdk or installation binaryfor this?

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Knox mobile enrollment

We are a Knox SDK partner and we are interested in integrating with Knox mobile enrollment. Is this avilable for partners?

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Understanding Licenses Before and after July 2019


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I need help

Can someone please help me with my knox activation 

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Call me

I don't know how to get my an is lissicn can someone please call me 

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I need help

Can someone please help me with my knox activation 

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Trying to upgrade account for months

I sended the upgrade form, months ago and i still waiting to have access to generate production key.

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Check certificate error [-12] failed 에 대한 문의

기어 스포츠를 활용한 타이젠 네이티브 개발에서  삼성 사이트에 각각의 기어를 등록하였고 등록 한 후 당일 프로그램 업로드를 수행하니 Failed가 발생합니다.   Check certificate error [-12] failed

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