Bill Adams
Jan 22, 2019
3:54 pm


Through the Knox SDK is there any way to be granted the permission  WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS ?

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS"/>

With the Knox SDK and my app set as a device administrator I am able to set date and time which is normally unavailable.

Also, where do I find a list of permissions that are available with the Knox SDK?


Bill Adams

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Konrad Sobczak
Jan 23, 2019
12:19 pm

Hello Bill Adams,

For applying permissions you can use method public int applyRuntimePermissions (AppIdentity appIdentity, List<String> permissions, int permState) of ApplicationPolicy class.

You can find more information on this API here:,%20java.util.List%3Cjava.lang.String%3E,%20int)


For your second questions, you can browse Knox SDK Reference API from link above and APIs needing specific Knox SDK permission will have it listed under "Permission" section in API describtion.


Best regards, Konrad.