daniele sevegnani
Aug 30, 2016
3:11 pm

Write Permission on SD-Card in Android 5 or more


I want to develop an app that can create a new folder on the external SD card where put some files but the newest android versions don't permit it because the external SD card is write protected though the app has the READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE permission. If I want to create a new folder on external SD card using Total Commander, a dialog appears where I can give Total Commander the write rigths selecting the root of the external SD card in the FileManager application. How can I give the external SD card write rigths to my application?

Thank you

Daniele Sevegnani 


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Kieran M
Aug 30, 2016
11:33 pm

Hi Daniele,

The page below has a tutorial on this subject


Please let me know if it does not fulfill your needs and I will work with you to figure it out.

spruche wunsche
Nov 02, 2018
3:32 pm

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