Brian Adams
Dec 21, 2017
5:04 pm

What sdk(s) and functions should I use for this use case?


I am new to Knox and would like to know the best SDK's and functions to use for my specific project. I've chosen this particular SDK forum because from the outset and from some small testing it seemed to be the most appropriate however I wanted to make sure I chose correctly.

Primarily this app needs to:

  • Always be on, and run on boot
  • Cannot be turned off or is hidden well enough to not be turned off by the user. (stay resident app)
  • Record the power button via KeyEvent globally (In any context)

For each point I have possible solutions that I have recognized and been slowly trying to implement in the app:

  • For the 1st point
    • Using an AccessibilityService so I wouldn't have to have a boot completed reciever. However, I would like to auto turn it on with minimal user input with Knox if possible
  • For the 2nd point
    • From what I can tell there are functions within Knox Customization SDK that can allow me to blacklist certain apps from being turned off such as¬†
      addPackagesToForceStopBlackList(list)(Whether that means it cannot be turned of by the user or system I have not been able to determine.)
    • If I can just hide the option from the menu after activating the app, that would be lovely as well.
  • For the 3rd point
    • I have code to record the other buttons (volume up/down, home etc) but since Android 4.0 I can't access the power button thus I'm curious if Konx will allow me to do this in any capacity.

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