Chuloh Pak
Mar 25, 2016
4:14 am

What this log is mean?

My application couldn't get the device admin because unknown errors occur. 
The error log next below is log when my application to get the device admin.

KnoxCustomManagerService(950)getSealedState() failed-persistence problem Admin data is null

Please tell me what the problem is and what the way for solving it.
(The application got the ELM license key by samsung. And it was no problem on the most samsung android devices. But 1~2% devices has problems that couldn't to get the device admin.)





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Mar 25, 2016
9:26 am

Hi Chuloh,

Can you provide us your device model. build number and Android version ?


Chuloh Pak
Mar 28, 2016
5:22 am

Hi Lukasz Karwizee,

I provide you device's information below.

Device model: SHV-E300S

Android version: 5.0.1(LRX22C)

OS version: 3.4.5-6730847

Build number: LRX22C.E300SKSUGOL5


But another models seems have the same problem.




Hi Chulok,

Please verify if the issue persist when you are launching sample application from SEAP portal:

Probably this issue regarding your implementation of administrator activation class.


Mar 30, 2016 at 9:09 am