Rodney Musgraves
Jan 16, 2019
3:21 pm

What is the API for enabling high accuracy mode?

I would like to know the API used to enable high accuracy mode and minimum OS version/bundle required to hook into this API. The device versioning infomration is as follows:

  • Device Model? Samsung SM-T713
  • Device OS Version? Android 7.0
  • Device Build Number? NRD90M.T713XXU2BQD3


Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Apr 09, 2019
5:27 pm

Hi Rodney,

There is no method within the Knox SDK for enabling high accuracy location services. There are several ways to enable high accuracy mode using Android or Google APIs, depending on whether you want user input in the process or not. You can find more information about location settings at the following links: LOCATION_MODE_HIGH_ACCURACY, Change Location Settings, Location Context.