tristate tristate
May 23, 2018
5:12 am

Want to add my app to unmonitor list

Hello sir,
I want to add my app in unmoniter list after installation,

Just because I want to develop the app which updates their location on some interval on the server.

So can you please explain how I need to use KNOX SDK or what is the step perform this.
Thank you in advance,


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Jenna S.Samsung SEAP Moderator
May 23, 2018
5:07 pm


Currently there is no API to programmatically add apps to the unmonitered list. However, you can use the addPackagesToForceStopBlackList API in prevent the app from being stopped.

Hope this helps,



Hi, Jenna thanks for your instant replay,

Also, I want to ask one more thing, Can we do this thing without asking any permission to end user, Like If I am installing the app then the application doesn't ask me any special permission for this thing.  

tristate tristateMay 25, 2018 at 11:16 am