Stanley Song
Dec 14, 2015
1:27 am

VPN) When use Split Tunneling Internet does not working



i try to use OpenVPN Connect for Android with split tunneling one hand to access internet, other hand to access my server.

but it does not working correctly on samsung's devices. 


so  i test those devices

1. LG G2, G3 CAT6, those devices working fine.

it means internet working fine and i can access into my server.


2. SAMSUNG devices - NOTE 3, NOTE4 , NOTE Edge, S4, S5, S6, i can not access into internet.

The error such as dns query faild , time out .. etc.

and on s6( Android 5.1 ) , when network is LTE internet does not work , but on wifi working fine (?)


3. Google NEXUS 5 - android 5.0.1  is working !!!

any solutions?

Kieran McCormick
Dec 16, 2015
12:23 am

Hi Stanely,

Can you please let me know what is returned if you ping from a terminal on your device.