Jason Ver Linden
Sep 26, 2018
9:16 pm

Vpn Questions

We have a set up where we need cisco anyconnect vpn connections set up on both the device and container side in order to connect to the network. We can successfully create these vpn profiles through our mdm app and the connections work successfully. However, for ust to be able to establish the vpn connection in the container, we first must disconnect the vpn connection on the device side, establish the vpn connection in the container, and then re-establish the vpn connection on the device side. I have a couple of questions in regards to this:

1. Is this expected behavior?

2. Is it possible for the container to use a vpn connection that has been established outside the container on the device side?


Leeroy Jenkins
Oct 10, 2018
12:25 pm

VPN could provide you with decent level of network security to feel okay around the web. As for me, it's a must have thing in 2018 as anyone is using internet nowadays. Try this and you will agree with me, i promise.

Vernon Berven
Jan 17, 2019
8:21 am

I'm totally agree with the statement above. VPN is amust have thing to have. But it doesn't make all the VPN providers automatically trustworthy. I've been testing a lot of different services. And most of themhave serious, troubling issues and some problems with privacy as well. There're few which turned out to be issues-free and the one and only one with a decent connectivity proxy list.