Pedro Gomes
Dec 04, 2018
9:45 am

VPN Generic Profile (JSON format)

Hi there,

I've been trying to upload a generic VPN config to Knox Manage but I always get the messa (Invalid JASON Format)

What I need is to configure a SSL VPN using openVPN package.

I'm trying to upload this as a .txt to Knox manage: (just a sample config)


"profile_attribute": {

"profileName":"SSL VPN MyCert",


"vpn_route_type": 0



         "AnyConnectVPNConnection" : {

         "host" : "",

         "usecert" : true,

         "certcommonname" : "mycert"



     "Knox": {












Jenna Slomowitz
Dec 05, 2018
11:32 pm

Hello Pedro,

This forum is mainly for support related to the Knox SDKs. For questions regarding Knox Manage, please go to and submit a support ticket if required. This way you can get help from our subject experts.

Best regards,