James DeRagon
Apr 03, 2018
2:01 pm

Use Keys granted from SDS EMM in another app?

We have a setup with the samsung SDS EMM server. We provision the devices with the Samsung SDS EMM application which connects to the server with a mobile ID and downloads remote policies and is activated with a key from the server where it makes a container. 

If I now want to write a seprate application that will make knox custom calls on this device, how do I go about doing it?  The examples for activating the KLM / ELM keys have you providing an actual key.  Can I just install the app on the device and start making knox calls? Do I have to approve the app via the EMM? Is there a librry call that checks if a knox license is active?  Is there a way of talking to the EMM server to request permission? I really can't find any documentation for how this works anywhere. 

Kamil Kaszubski
Apr 17, 2018
10:29 am


your application need to activate admin and both licenses separately because you are installing another MDM app.

If you do not blocked installation of applications I think you do not need to change anything in SDS MDM.

Best regards