Dominik Demeter
Aug 07, 2018
2:09 pm

Unity + Knox

Hello all.

Is there any way, how to transform an application made with Unity 3D to run under Knox?

I am very new in this problematic, heard about the Knox only based on a requirement of our potential customer and do not know, where to start.

Jenna Slomowitz
Aug 15, 2018
11:28 pm

Hello Dominik,

I would suggest using an EMM solution, such as Knox Manage, to deploy your app inside the Knox Workspace container to test it out. Go to, click on "Try for free" in the top header, and select Knox Manage.


Proceed with the steps to create a Knox Manage EMM account and generate a trial license key. You will also need to go back to the "Try for free" section and select "Knox Platform for Enterprise" to obtain a Knox Platform for Enterprise trial license key in order to create a Knox Workspace container.


For more details on Getting Started with Knox Manage, please refer to

Best regards,



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