Nagaraju Pallasetty
Feb 23, 2017
7:09 am

Unable to receive new emails on samsung Galaxy A5 using Knox 2.6

user has configured Samsung KNOX 2.6 on Samsung galaxy A5 and is able to send emails from the device but unable to receive new emails. To receive new email on the device, End user needs to key in his NT Password everytime. After enterting the NT password , all the email sync is working upto date and then stop immediately after exit.Email sync works fine on Outlook and OWA but this isuse is occuring only on Mobile device.

Please advice if there is any workaround to fix this issue.


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Victor Okunev
Feb 23, 2017
10:15 pm

Greetings Nagaraju,

It seems that this issue needs detailed investigation. Please open support ticket at