Manuel Punsalan
Jun 14, 2019
7:57 pm

Turn Off Quick Panel Settings

I am having issue using Galaxy J3 2018 SM_J337U. When settung up Knox up to disable Quick Settings panels, I can still see 2 or more icons (Secure Folder and Dolby Atmos).

Note: I am using ProKiosk mode with notification drawer enabled.


Edit: The only way I can get rid of the extra Panels (Secure Folder/ WiFi Calling) is to remove them manually by editing the panels, and then disabling editing the Panels through Knox.


This is the code snippet I am using.

List items = new ArrayList();

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Mikayla Neufeld
Jul 02, 2019
4:56 pm

Hi Manuel,

The method setQuickPanelButtons() only supports the disabling of pre-defined icons, and there are a few icons that are not pre-defined, and are therefore not supported by this API. Dolby Atmos, Secure Folder, and WFi Calling are a few examples of icons that are not supported by setQuickPanelButtons().

Best regards,


Rb B
Jul 04, 2019
5:42 am

I see the same issues with quick panel. Galaxy s8+ and Galaxy s9+. For secure folder it is an app that can be blocked so that feature cannot be used, but it is far from ideal. It basically does nothing when the user clicks the quick panel option.  You should be able to do something similar for the other buttons. Use android studio unfiltered logs to see what process is launched when the button is clicked and then use an app policy or app component policy to disable it.  For more info on application policy see the Knox SDK docs!

Hope this helps.