Felix Schulze
Sep 28, 2016
1:45 pm

SSO for an On-premise Web App Question

We try to get the "SSO for an On-premise Web App" running.

We installed the Sample App (with changed domain names) with BES12 inside a Knox Container and also the Samsung SSO APK.

If we request a token from the sample app the Samsung SSO App starts and we provide username + password + domain name and click on "Login" but there only happens a waiting activtiy.

Do we need to provide a krb5.conf file or any other settings?

Do we have to configure something on the BES or Knox?

Max Schaufler
Nov 21, 2016
1:01 pm

Similar situation for me, trying to integrate my ISV app into the Knox infrastructure at a customer:

Whitelisting ok, my app and SSO app are deployed to the device.
On calling the API the SSO app presents the logon screen ... but here I always hit error 1765328230 (KRB5_REALM_UNKNOWN, Cannot find KDC for requested realm)

Only have limited acces to the company's infrastructure team, what are the missing details, what is mandatory to proceed from here?
(conf-file? domain? URL?)