Manuel Punsalan
Oct 03, 2018
6:45 am

settingsManager.setSystemLocale() resets proKioskManager.setStatusBarIconsState() to true or visible

We have a question on the behavior of Knox running on Samsung J3 V 2018 using Knox 3.1 SDK.


After calling 


when PriKiosk is turned ON and we have status bar locked down in ProKiosk mode using settings below


The Status bar icons revert back to visible as if calling setStatusBarIconsState(true)

Icons are shown in the status bar everytime we call setSystemLocale() to change system language using Knox, but it should not based on our ProKiosk setup.


We currently have a workaround on this by calling the sequence below after every call to setSystemLocale()



We need more understanding on why it behaves this way.



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Lukasz Karwize
Oct 05, 2018
9:50 am

Hello Manuel,

Your issue is reproducible on my test device.

I sent this case to Samsung R&D for further investigation. I will let you know when they provide me any feedback.

Best regards, Lukasz

Dean Bozhinoski
Aug 27, 2019
10:04 am


Is there any news about this issue? Is it fixed?

Best regards, 


Updated: Aug 27, 2019 at 10:05 am