Tomasz Zakrzewski
May 15, 2019
6:54 am

setCellularData disable mobile data

By calling setCellularData I want to block user to enable/disable mobile data. Problem is that after call it, phone disable mobile data (and lock which is correct) instead only lock. I try to enable first manually or by API setMobileDataState before call setCellularData  but no luck.

Device is Gatalxy Tab Active2 SM-T395

Android ver. 8.1.0

Knox 3.2

How to make it work?


Just discovered that same problem apply to setRoamingData API. When paramater is false then phone have disabled roaming toggle.

Tested also on fresh Galaxy Tab A (SM-T585), knox 3.2, Android 8.1.0 = same problem

Mikayla Neufeld
May 15, 2019
4:35 pm

Hi Tomasz,

I have answered this question on another forum post.

Best regards,