Filipe Silva
Oct 23, 2017
10:36 am

Set App as Device Admin through another Knox Activated App


I have a Knox activated app which needs to install other apps. One of those apps I need to set as a Device Admin without user interaction because it will also be a Knox activated app.

Is there any way using one of the SDKs that allows me to do this?

If not, what would be the next best approach to this problem?

Thank you

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Samuel Goldwax
Selected Answer
Oct 23, 2017
3:48 pm

Hi Filipe,

There aren't any Knox APIs that allow you to set device admin without the user agreeing in the pop-up activity. I don't think it's possible to do so on Android at all, as it would be a security risk.



Filipe Silva
Oct 24, 2017
9:14 am