Atacílio Cunha
Aug 23, 2018
5:59 pm

SDP Engine Error

I followed the steps described at the site to explore the Knox SDK.

I created the following code:

try {
    int flag = SdpEngineConstants.Flags.SDP_MDFPP;
    SdpCreationParamBuilder sdpCreationParamBuilder = new SdpCreationParamBuilder("knoxsdpsample", flag);
    SdpEngine.getInstance().addEngine(sdpCreationParamBuilder.getParam(), "senha123", "anyresettoken");
} catch (SdpException e) {
    Log.e("TEST","Engine error");

and everytime that I run it on the application, it crashes with the following error:

08-23 13:53:20.444 24377-24377/ E/SdpEngine: addEngine failed -2
08-23 13:53:20.444 24377-24377/ E/TEST: Engine error
08-23 13:53:20.444 24377-24377/ W/System.err: Invalid reset token
08-23 13:53:20.445 24377-24377/ W/System.err:     at


So, I would like to check some points:

1) How can I solve it?

2) There is any rule to create resetToken field from addEngine() method? I couldn't find any explanation about it.


More detailed specifications from enviroments:

- Android Studio 3.1.1

- Knox SDK 3.2

- Device Knox Version: 3.1

Best regards,


Atacílio Cunha

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