Joshua Butler
Jun 19, 2019
2:36 am

Samsung's keyboard input types differing from stock android

Hello, I have never posted here nor know if this is the best place to be posing this question, however I believe this is a Samsung phone specific problem.

I had created an android app using android studio a few months ago that used two TextInputLayout fields with a certain number input type, I believe the type was simply "number". This allowed me to input numbers and spaces. Very recently my Samsung Galaxy S8 received an OS update to android version 9, which broke the input on my app, no longer having a key for spaces. I decided to just change the input type of the field to one that would take spaces such as "phone", however this solution is ugly and requires going into the extra characters section of the on screen keyboard. Lastly, I changed back to "number" input types, and spearated my values by commas rather than spaces. I included the line "android:digits="0123456789.," in my XML file for it to work. This solution works on Android API level 27, 28 and 29 on emulated Pixel phones. Unfortunately, on my Galaxy S8 the comma key is completely greyed out when I use my app. I can only assume Samsung has made a UI tweak with their phones that has caused this. Are there any known workarounds?

To recap:

- I am only trying to input numbers and commas on a keyboard that displays only/primarily numbers and a comma without the need for tabbing into another section of the keyboard. 

- I believe Samsung's proprietary changes to the UI of stock android has caused this.

- How can I work around this?



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