Nidhi Deshpande
Jan 12, 2018
9:52 am

Restarting the watch after disabling the prokiosk mode


I am working on an application for samsung gear(wearable), version 2.3.2. I need to enable and disable kiosk mode for my application. I could enable the kiosk mode using APIĀ knox_result_t result=knox_custom_set_prokiosk_state(0,"1234") and also disabled the kiosk mode usingĀ knox_result_t result=knox_custom_set_prokiosk_state(1,"1234"). When the kiosk mode gets disabled, the watch gets restarted and then the normal mode is accessible. My question is, is this the default behaviour of the Knox to restart the complete watch ? If not, then what needs to be done to just disable the kiosk without restarting the watch ?