Andrey Lebed
Feb 08, 2019
7:45 am

reset password on knox api 26


I have phone with Android 8.1.0 (api 27), Knox 3.2 (knox api 26).
I need to reset password. To clean already set password.
Which api I can use?
Function resetPassword doesn't work since knox 3.0,%20int)

Function resetPasswordWithToken is working since knox api 27,%20java.lang.String,%20byte[],%20int)


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Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Feb 21, 2019
7:54 pm

Hi Andrey,

The closest method to resetPassword or resetPasswordWithToken that works with API level 26 would be enforcePwdChange() which forces the user to change their password. It can be used on the container password or the overall device password. Does this method provide the functionality you are looking for? 

Best regards,


Andrey Lebed
Feb 22, 2019
8:45 am

Function enforcePwdChange() requires user to enter exising password.

But we need to change existing password without entering current password.

For example for the case if user doesn't remember it.


Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Mar 05, 2019
6:07 pm

Hi Andrey,

Please try using resetPasswordWithToken from the Android API. This method can reset the device password or the container password. 

Best regards,