Suman Shrestha
Jan 14, 2019
11:13 am

Receiver to check backwardCompatiblekey is activated


Is there any way to check if the backward compatible key is activated?? And please specify for what purpose backward compatible key is used for?

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Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Jan 14, 2019
9:31 pm

Hi Suman,

There is no way to tell an ELM key from a Backwards Compatibility Key once they are activated. You will receive the LICENSE_RESULT_TYPE_ACTIVATION and ERROR_NONE result from activateLicense() (from the EnterpriseLicenseManager class) when your Backwards Compatibility Key has been activated.

You can find information about the Knox licenses here: This article states that the Backwards Compatible Key allows backwards compatibility with devices running Knox v2.7 or earlier. It is activated in addition to the KPE license key. You will need this Backwards Compatible Key if you are targeting these older devices. Otherwise, if your customers have Knox v2.7.1 or newer you will not need to use this key.