Jan Christensen
Aug 27, 2019
11:39 am

Read out Bluetooth mac address and use of Bluetooth in Work Profile/Knox Workspace

We have several customer using a Swedish app named Phoniro care, which is on Google Play and can be app configured via Appconfig on Managed Google Play.

Installing this on older Android devices with OS less than Android 8 makes Phoniro able to readout the Bluetooth mac address.

However this is not possible from Android 8.

Question 1: Is there some api that we via Knox inventory can get this value from a Samsung device


Furthermore are customers slowly starting to use a hybrid setup, where the device is DO enrolled and has an activated Work Profile/Knox Workspace and then they say to users that the DO device is for private and Work profile is for corporate stuff.

Which means they install the app in Work profile, but now we have 2 challenges, 1 is that not all Bluetooth api’s are available in Workspace, so we cannot use Bluetooth to communicate via this app from 1 device to another device like a peer to peer communication where this mac address could be exchanged.

Question 2: Are there any limitations in use of Bluetooth when using Work profile/Knox Workspace ?