Ricardo Lopez
Jul 18, 2019
7:42 pm

Provided KPE Development key does not register

Samsung provided us with a KPE development key. When attempting to register the provided key, issued via e-mail, the web site respondes with "Please enter a valid license key.".

Also, when attempting to activate the licesne for the application we get the error code 102, 201, or 702 depending on if we attempt to activate with an associated package name or not. The toast display "Invalid License key" and if we continuously re-try activation.

When communicating with Samsung, they assured us we have a valid license key and that perhaps we did not activate it correctly, or that we should change our package name. Note: This is not a sample application and we are not planning on changing the package name. As far as "activate it correctly"  this application has been running for almost a year in development using devlepment keys which are replaced as they expire.

Thanks for any insite into this issue.