Dmitry Stukalov
Dec 05, 2018
8:20 am

Production key for Samsung Knox

Dear collegues, 

I have intergasion Samsung Knox SDK to my application. My application works on SM-T595 (Android 8.1.0), Knox SDK 3.2.

When I use developer key, start with: KLM06... - application works correctly and proKiosk mode enabled. I got production key (start with KLM09...), when I call proKiosk enable method, I have error with messages:Admin  does not have com.sec.enterprise.knox.permission.CUSTOM_SEALEDMODE, of cource I added the permission to manifest.

How resolve the issue ? Why production key does not work ?




Jenna Slomowitz
Selected Answer
Dec 05, 2018
7:53 pm

Hello Dmitry,

To use the proKiosk APIs you need Knox premium permissions. All development keys grant these permissions, which is why the API works with the KLM06 key. When you get a commercial key, you need to make sure that you buy a key that grants premium permissions from a reseller. A standard commercial key, which it looks like is what you have, will not grant these permissions. You can read more information on license permissions catagories here

Best regards,


Dmitry Stukalov
Dec 08, 2018
11:56 am