Ahmet Özgür Gen
May 14, 2019
11:29 am

Problem with Mobile data

Hello guys, we want to always keep on "mobile data" to be in position "ON"
in my case : 

setCeclluarData = true , then we can use "setMobileDataState" to true and it's work. 


But we want to keep this state always in "true".  To keep this change i hope it's should work with setCellualrData(false) but - it's just disabled mobile data, and after this user can't enable mobile data. Also programmaticaly i can't enable too.  How i can todo  this?
so what i want :

-enable mobile data to state = "ON"
-prevent from user changes (user can't disable mobile data)

what i missing ? maybe you guys can tell me 

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Tomasz Zakrzewski
May 15, 2019
6:42 am

Same problem. Check also for roaming. I have problem on all 4 devices. Waiting for help badly

Here is my ticket.


Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
May 15, 2019
4:34 pm

Hi Ahmet and Tomasz,

The Knox APIs are functioning correctly. setMobileDataState() only turns mobile data on or off programmatically. It does not restrict the user from changing this setting. As well, setCellularData when set to false disables mobile data and restricts the user from changing the setting. When setCellularData is set to true, it only allows a cellular data connection to be made; it does not enforce it. There are no Knox APIs to turn mobile data on and keep it on. 

Best regards,


Tomasz Zakrzewski
May 15, 2019
7:01 pm

Understand but is strange why there is no API to work like this, because when kiosk mode is enabled with allowSettingsChanges(false) then toggle UI button (for mobileData) is locked (can't change) but mobileData is on. So it's not impossible or system/hardware restricted.


Ahmet Özgür Gen
May 16, 2019
7:04 am

under knox 2.5 it's somehow working . I can enable mobile data and keep it always on . User can't disable it. Maybe we are missing something - and somewhere there method which we can use just for prevent to change mobile settings ?

Tomasz Zakrzewski
May 16, 2019
7:57 am

@Ahmet Özgür Gen Can you check if allowRoamingPolicy also disable roaming undex 2.5 and above? On my 3.2 knox devices it disable it.


Sorry can't check it on 2.5 .  But for this situtation which i ask  i just added to services one more checker  . And if mobile data will be disabled - application will enable it again.  Dont know how to do this better. was hope this function exist in knox sdk. :(


But about knox 2.5 i write little wrong. You write it's right . In kiosk mode it's work perfectly. But if it's not kiosk mode, then it's not work. :(

Ahmet Özgür GenMay 16, 2019 at 9:57 am
Tomasz Zakrzewski
May 16, 2019
12:48 pm

Thanks for response and good idea :) Will do same. Anyway I'm a bit dissapointed why KNOX do not offer it if it's possible (kiosk mode)