Neeloor Neeloor
Feb 14, 2018
8:32 am

Old and New SDK

The new Knox SDK is good, but as now we have lot of old devices and new devicesĀ  (Knox version < 3 and Knox version 3) what is the best way to write apps support both ? please give a sample code ?

Samuel Goldwax
Feb 14, 2018
5:43 pm

Hi Neeloor,

The new Knox SDK works on any device running Knox 2.8 and above. You can also run it on older Knox versions by also activating the backwards-compatible key that's generated alongside the SKL key using EnterpriseLicenseManager (same functionality as activating an ELM key in the legacy SDKs). The backwards-compatible key doesn't grant any namespace permissions, all permissions are granted through the SKL key. As such it's recommended to activate the SKL key before the backwards-compatible key. Sample code for this will be uploaded in the Sample apps section in the near future.