Maulesh Kanani
Feb 01, 2019
5:16 am

Not getting option to revoke the key and also not able to associate the package

I have created a KPE Development licenece key. I want to associate a package with it but I am not able to associate a package with the key as in associate package page my key is not getting displayed.

Also I am not able to remove this key also as I am not getting revoke button for the key.

Please guide me with my issues.



Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Feb 01, 2019
10:33 pm

Hi Maulesh,

This is a known issue that occurred a few days ago. Dev keys were being generated as KLM03 keys instead of KLM06. We are working towards a solution. An update will be posted on these two forum posts and in a dashboard notification as soon as more information is available. Thank you for your patience.