santosh Hegde
Jul 16, 2018
8:49 am

Lock Device migration

I just migrated my sdk to 3.0 and there is no api to lockdevice.

Previously there was an api - 

edm.getSecurityPolicy().lockoutDevice(password, message, null);

to which we could supply a password and a message but that api is not present in the new sdk


Please let me know if there are any apis to support this in the new SDK

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Jenna Slomowitz
Jul 16, 2018
6:59 pm

Hello Santosh,

That API has been deprecated. There are android APIs in DevicePolicyManager that will lock a device that you can find here.

Best regards,



Hello Jenna,

We have a usecase where we lock a device with a password sent from the server.

We were supplying a password to be used with the previous api. So after unnlocking the phone with the set password, the device password would still remain untouched.

But device policy manager does not take password as input and directly takes whatever password is set on the device. Moreover after unlocking the device we have to set it back to whatever password was present on the device previously. 

Is there any other api in KNOX to overcome this problem ?

santosh HegdeJul 17, 2018 at 11:25 am
Jenna Slomowitz
Jul 17, 2018
10:03 pm

Hello Santosh,'

Unfortunately there is not current replacement for that usecase. I will however forward on your request.

Best regards,


ahmad khan
Jan 18, 2019
9:09 pm

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