Adrian Schröter
Jun 29, 2019
7:23 am

Linux on Dex license questions



I have built an openSUSE based image for Linux on Dex. It has basic functionality atm (terminal and GUI is starting). I would like to keep working on it and offer it as official solution. I like also to enable everybody to build your own Linux based image using (via GUI or CLI interface), which would also keep the images automatically up to date.

However, I need to clarify and fix the following, where I depend on Samsung:


1. I need to get permission to redistribute the binary parts (lod ***** and monitor)


2. I am also currently using the binary only VNC server from the ubuntu image. That one is not stable on my image and I like to debug it. So I request hereby the patches for the vnc server (it is GPL, so I am sure you have it somewhere around, but I am to ***** to find them, sorry).


It would be great to hear from you and if we could maybe even built up some partnership between (open)SUSE and Samsung here :)





PS: also any hint where to post the request for Linux on Dex is welcome ... the official web site seems not to have any contact adress and neither no link to the sources

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