Thierry Maheu
Apr 16, 2018
8:50 am

License problem


I am trying to use the setScreenTimeout function of CustomDeviceManager but I still get an error: "Admin does not have com.sec.enterprise.knox.permission.CUSTOM_SYSTEM".
Permission is present in my Manifest.
I activated the ELM license successfully but I still have this error.
I tried to activate the KLM license and then the ELM license but I have an error on the KLM license (invalid product key).
Android 6.0.1
Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T813)
Knox 2.6

Samuel Goldwax
Apr 16, 2018
4:56 pm

Hi Thierry,

The error that's appearing is because of the failed KLM license activation. Could you give me some more details about the license key you're using? Is it a developer or production license? Can you confirm the license key is for the right SDK (the license key appears in the SEAP license key page under the Knox Customization keys header)?