Lee Woods
May 23, 2019
1:13 pm

License Activation Failed Error code: 206 from Project Module

I have created my license and associated my application package successfully.  When I try to activate my license from my application I get the Error code 206 which means signature mismatch seen here.  The code that handles the license activation is in a module that is part of my project, but the module has a different package name.  I have tried generating a .jar and an .aar file to submit as a package to associate with my license but it fails with "Invalid File", as only .apk and .tpk files are allowed.  How do I go about activating my license from this module in my application?

Mikayla Neufeld
May 23, 2019
4:18 pm

Hi Lee,

Your license must be activated from the same application and package that will be using the Knox APIs. You will need to move the license activation process to the same package as the rest of your app and bind your new .apk to your license key.

Best regards,