Ben Malavazi
Oct 12, 2017
1:13 am

License Activation Error

I have an Android app with which I would like to leverage the API's for hiding the status bar, navigation bar, and the system bar. However, I'm running into a 301: ERROR_INTERNAL error in the EXTRA_LICENSE_ERROR_CODE extra in the onReceive() of the Broadcast Receiver for the license activation status.

I'm calling EnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense(String elmLicenseKey) in the onCreate() of my launcher activity indescriminantly, and always get a failure.

The License Key I'm using was auto-generated from uploading my APK on the developer portal. I'm using the Enterprise ELM Key (Development) that was provided to me.

I'm assuming that my setup is correct because my broadcast receiver's onReceive() is being called. 

Any help would be appreciated!

Ben Malavazi
Oct 12, 2017
1:29 am

The API I was using doesn't work:

activateLicense(LicenseKey) - FAILS

activateLicense(LicenseKey, PackageName) - WORKS