Tings Set
Sep 11, 2019
8:48 am

KPE: Invalid license on KnoxSDKSample

I'm new here. I downloaded KnoxSDKSample and import to Android Studio 3.5.
I changed String KPE_LICENSE_KEY in Constants.java with KPE Development Limited LICENSE NUMBER.

When I try to activate license, it show Toast "Failed to validate product key" and "KPE: Invalid license".

How to resolve it?

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Raunak B.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Sep 11, 2019
5:59 pm



Can you please check to make sure the license that you have is valid?

I will include a link which will allow you to copy-paste your license and check its validity.


(You will need to be signed into your Samsung Account first).

At the bottom of the dashboard page, in the section labelled "Tools", there will be a text-box allowing you to copy-paste your key to see if it's valid.




"Your Samsung Account does not match the work email that you have provided. Please make sure to use your work email for registration on the Samsung KNOX web portal."
Does it mean knox sdk only available for business dev?

Tings SetSep 12, 2019 at 3:05 am