Boran Gokbulut
Apr 05, 2017
1:22 pm

Knox Standard SDK licence key generation fails


On license key page, I don't  have any licence key. However when I tried to generate license key, it gives error that says "You have already created development Enterprise license key". 

I have created another account and it succeed to generate license key with same information.

Is it a bug of the website? What should I do now?



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Victor Okunev
Apr 06, 2017
11:12 pm

Hi Boran,

I have checked with the portal admin and was told that the problem you experience was due to a defect that has been fixed.

Can you please try again and let me know if it works now?



Boran Gokbulut
Apr 07, 2017
7:58 am

Hi Victor, 

it works. Thank you.