Kelly Kraft
Feb 05, 2018
7:00 am

Knox Enterprise License activation error code: 201

I am experiencing this with a new Knox Enterprise License via the Knox Configurator.

This issue did not occur with the same APK using a different Knox Enterprise License via the Knox Customization Configurator


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Samuel Goldwax
Feb 05, 2018
7:29 pm

Hi Kelly,

Just to clarify, you're getting this error when trying to use a new SKL license key? And the key that is working is a different SKL key or a legacy KLM key?




Hi Sam,

The key that is working is a Knox KLM production key (KCC), and the one that isn't working is the newwer KLM Knox Convigure production key (KC). We had oritinally tried to purchase more KCC keys, but realized they weren't available after 1/31/17, thus the need for the new KC keys. We know there was some maintenance time over the weekend, but we tried again after that time period, and the KC licenses still aren't working.



Kelly KraftFeb 05, 2018 at 11:06 pm